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Payroll Processing

There are many underwhelming options today for business owners and individuals requiring payroll services. Payroll consumers, primarily small businesses, have had enough of the national “payroll facto­ries” that leave owners and operators wondering whether they are paying too much and receiving too little. Unfortunately, most of these companies have evolved into such similarity of service that they have become indistinguishable from each other. Are you tired of careless mistakes, indifferent customer service and being referred to by a number by your current firm? Perhaps you have lost faith in your current payroll provider, because they are too big-or too small. Perhaps you have used one of the do-it-yourself payroll companies only to find it’s very complex work- and often your lost time and effort makes the total cost to your business immeasurable.

Then in Commonwealth’s payroll services, you will have found a solution that is quite unique. Why? We recognize that the greatest asset your business has is its employees. Since payroll is the bond in the employer/ employee relationship, it is a major reason why they show up each day. We also realize that in letting us handle your payroll, you are entrusting that relationship to us, and it is this responsibility that we take quite seriously.

As a business owner, you should have the freedom not to worry about your payroll and to feel comfortable that you have someone you can rely on at your service. That’s why Common­wealth Payroll can ease you through a payroll experience which is guaranteed to result in true Payroll Peace of Mind. With CCM’s Payroll Processing, you are always in control and have access where and when you need it. No matter whether you prefer using the web, your phone, are constantly on the move or work from an office, we have solutions that fit your needs- your way. And since we are bookkeepers as well, we appreciate the role your payroll plays in the larger financial picture of your business and can help you with that as well. Now that’s truly unique.

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