Commonwealth Cash Management
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Principles of Operation
The success of Commonwealth Cash Management depends on earning our customers' trust, and we operate our business accordingly.
  • Dedicated Client Assistants provide flexibility and reliability by working in a manner and on a frequency that is convenient for our customers and with mind towards meeting their goals and needs.
  • Institutionalized controls (e.g., internal checks and balances, electronic recordkeeping, data security policies and procedures) help detect and prevent fraud.
  • We have a company-wide commitment to creating an unbeatable customer service experience, including client interaction and communication, response times, access and punctuality.
  • We give customers, their guardians and/or their advisors 24/7 access to our fully secure customer access Web site, and attempt to leverage the web for the improvement of our clients efficiency and to help protect the environment by preventing waste. 
  • By giving our customers a holistic, consolidated and plain view of their personal or business financial picture, they and their advisors can make better informed decisions.

We also adhere to the highest ethical standards for service, as outlined by the American Association of Daily Money Managers. See the AADMM's Code of Ethics.

Pre-Employment Screening Process
Our rigorous and thorough pre-employment screening process includes the following:

  • A Predictive Index, which profiles the applicant's personality to predict behavior and suitability for certain positions
  • Skill proficiency testing, which covers such skills as bookkeeping, customer service and computer literacy
  • Background checks (including county, state and federal criminal records searches), credit checks and drug testing
  • An exhaustive and multifaceted interviewing process
  • Thorough reference checking

Employees also undergo a comprehensive orientation and training process after being hired.

We carry the following types of insurances on all our employees: general liability, errors and omissions, bonding up to $1 million, umbrella coverage and workers' compensation. Certificates are available upon request.

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