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Affluent & High Net Worth

Do you find that managing your financial affairs makes it difficult for you to enjoy your free time (or retirement)? Do your multiple investments, accounts, homes, businesses and other assets take up more hours than you want to give up at this stage in your life? Does the complexity of your financial picture create too much work getting your professional advisors on the same page and seeing the big picture? Do you need payroll services for your domestic staff or small business? If so, Commonwealth Cash Management can help.

Our Personal Cash Management services encompass personal bookkeeping, recordkeeping, bill paying and investment data aggregation services. Each customer is assigned a dedicated CCM Client Assistant who operates within a system of institution-quality checks and balances. Your Client Assistant is available to review your financial activity at your convenience, whether that means weekly personal visits, biweekly phone calls or any other schedule. And the frequency of your contact with CCM is always up to you.

As an affluent/high-net-worth individual, CCM ensures you spend less time managing your finances and more time doing what you like. In addition, by giving you a regular, comprehensive view of your financial picture, we help you and your advisors make better-informed decisions about your future.

The following are other key benefits of working with CCM:

  • Reduce time gathering documentation required for tax and legal preparation.
  • Lessen the likelihood of — and have accounts monitored for — fraudulent activity.
  • Easy payroll service-full service little hassle
  • Have finances managed, bills paid on time and your home(s) cared for while you are away.
  • Get assistance with cash flow planning and budgeting.
  • Get a complete, up-to-date snapshot of your comprehensive financial picture remotely at

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