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Partnering with CCM

Please understand that Commonwealth Cash Management does not perform professional advisory services in any capacity. We are not accountants, attorneys, financial advisors or advisors of any kind. If you fall under one of these categories, however, we can perform basic bookkeeping and data aggregation services that complement your work and help you look even better to your customer.

Advisor Partners
As a trusted advisor to your customers, you often receive requests to perform duties outside of your professional competence or business practice. Due to your sense of loyalty, you probably feel obligated to fulfill these duties. Doing so, however, may represent a gross underutilization of your time, expertise and ability to generate revenue. It can even slow down the growth of your firm.

Enter CCM — the perfect complement to your firm.
When you direct your customers' Personal Cash Management and Business Bookkeeping needs to CCM, we help them to organize their books and to sustain that sense of order for as long as we are retained. We also provide customers with the personal attention and self-service tools they need to maintain their desired level of self-control.

Working with CCM produces a number of benefits for our Advisor Partners. (See our Benefits page for more details.) In a nutshell, we help you spend your time more wisely while giving you an accurate snapshot of your customers' financial "big picture." This allows you to provide better advice, make better decisions on their behalf and add significant value to your customer relationships.

Non-Advisor Partners
Those who provide non-advisory services should also consider referring customers to CCM. Your customers will benefit from our time-saving, convenient solutions to cash management and time management issues. As a result, you will continue to be recognized as a respected resource while strengthening the trust and confidence vital to your customer relationship.

The Value of Seeing the
"Big Picture"

  • Understand and predict client financial behavior.
  • Spot client trends and tendencies.
  • Have your client's data better organized and readily available.
  • Reconcile and keep financial records with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Avoid the details and minutiae of the client organization process (which is usually pre-advice).
  • Better advise your client by getting greater clarity into their financial state.

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