Commonwealth Cash Management
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Getting Started
Interested in learning more about Commonwealth Cash Management? Just give us a call at 800-891-5334 or contact us at to set up your initial consultation. It's free and there is no obligation.

Initial Consultation
At this meeting, our Client Assistant helps you determine which services are right for you and how many monthly hours may be required. We leave you with a customer agreement that states our forecasted cost of service along with the terms and conditions of our engagement. At this point, you decide whether you want to proceed. Once you return the paperwork to us, we can set up your account and begin collecting your data.

Service Agreements
We use non-binding service agreements with our customers rather than contracts. As a result, you are only obligated to use our services as long as you are satisfied with our performance. We give you this degree of flexibility because of our confidence that once you have worked with CCM, you will wonder how you ever lived without us. And we hope you will spread the word accordingly.

We charge for our services on an hourly basis (at 15-minute intervals) or by a formulaic fixed monthly fee. The fees depend on the type and level of service provided — whether it is Personal Cash Management, Business Bookkeeping and/or Life Management. We disclose these estimated fees during your initial consultation, and you must agree to them before we commence services. Monthly minimums also may apply depending on the circumstances.

Where and when applicable, we may charge for annual account maintenance, travel time, specific expenses associated with costs incurred while performing services on your behalf, and/or other reasons. We always disclose such fees before they are charged.

For special projects outside of our normal business offerings, we quote a non-hourly fee based on project specifications, estimated time-to-completion, personnel requirements and any other intangible complexities.

Learn More About CCM

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