Commonwealth Cash Management
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Online Account Access

You may use or from anywhere in the world to access your personal or company’s financial information. As a customer choosing to use the site, you are first assigned a temporary account login. Next, you change your user name and password to increase your data's security.

Having access to this site provides a secure and convenient way to be in total control of your financial picture and keep up with the work your Client Assistant is performing for you. In addition, you can grant access to selected advisors and caregivers, including limiting them to "read only" access and the ability to see the data only on the accounts you designate

The site's pages containing personal and financial information are delivered to your browser using HTTPS, a secure server communications layer (SSL). SSL prevents anyone from intercepting or reading your personal information. When you send your information to us, SSL encrypts it (i.e., translates the data into a string of gibberish characters). Only Commonwealth Cash Management can decode the encryption. We also use a timeout feature to log you off your account after a specified amount of inactivity. This reduces the risk of others accessing your account from an unattended computer.

Besides the SSL security, we take the additional step of masking the format that displays all account numbers, social security numbers and other confidential information.

Other Key Features
Once logged into, you can send communication to your Client Assistant or others at CCM, get a summary of your financial picture, approve bills, view detailed reports, and drill into those reports for transaction-level information. You can also access reports created and posted to the site by your Client Assistant, and view all recent transaction activity.

When viewing your accounts on, you can check your account balances and activity by account, your upcoming and recently paid bills, the recent performance of your investments by account or by advisor, and the fluctuations in value of your cash, investments and hard assets.

On a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, you can view your personal or business profit & loss statement, personal net worth or balance sheet, account registers, expenses versus budget, and any other report you or your advisors find necessary.

Advisory Partners
As an Advisory Partner, you can view all your customers' information (assuming they have given their permission) in one convenient place without having to log in and log out each time. This will make you and your staff more efficient and better informed.

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